Made in Baltimore

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  Old Bay   *   The O's   *   Steamed Crabs   *   Domino Sugar        Michael Phelps   *   The Preakness   *   Utz Potato Chips    

If you know Baltimore, you know these Charm City icons. But you may not realize we've also got apparel manufacturing. Yep, that's right!

Sassy jerseys are made in Baltimore city in a cut and sew factory that's been making sportswear for over 30 years. Recently, they started a training program to teach in-demand sewing and manufacturing skills. To have our products made locally in my hometown is a major source of pride. Although small, we're happy to help support the local economy by fostering living-wage livelihoods for fellow residents.

Since the factory is a mere 8 miles from our headquarters, it's an easy trip to plan production, review samples, deliver supplies, check in, and personally pick up my inventory. Collaboration with the employees, product development, and production are all very hands-on endeavors. The women at the factory particularly like making the jerseys because of the soft, high quality fabric, vibrant colors, and fun floral and geometric prints.


Wow, this doesn't fit like wallpaper!

Rebecca RedettComment

Cycling jerseys are a dime a dozen. Really. Every sponsored ride, charity ride, and team has a custom-made jersey, year after year. We all have piles of them: undersized, ill-fitting (think sausage casing), poorly sewn, and made of lame polyester. And the usual graphics- ugh, don’t even mention them.

As avid cyclists, we knew what we wanted in a jersey in terms of the fit, features, and aesthetic. We know what’s lacking. Like seriously lacking. Just like you do. So we corrected those errors and then added some features that make life on and off your bike better. Also, to make ordering easier and frankly, just plain rational, SassyCyclist sizing is based on clothing sizes (versus a undersized athletic fit). You do not need to size up unless you prefer a roomier fit. Take a look!