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Happy Campers

Testimonials from happy SASSY cyclists.

Jersey Reviews from our Happy Campers




"My SASSY shirt is SO comfortable I may never take it off.  I might just have to sleep in it."  --Elisabeth


"Something I never thought I'd say about bike clothing- that is really pretty."  

--Beth  C.

"It is so nicely-styled and so comfortable- perfect!" --Beth H.



"It's cozy as hell."--Ann

"This doesn't feel like a cycling jersey!" --Stephanie

 This is truly the first jersey that has fit me so well. It's so soft and comfy. I feel like a jersey finally made just for me! --Barb

YUM! Is what I said—out loud even though I was alone—when I put on my Sassy Cyclist jersey... YUM! So cozy and so sleek! —Becca