Jersey Girls: How to Bike In Style

Rebecca Redett

Jersey Girls: How to Bike In Style

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If you cycle for exercise, fun or especially competition, then you’ll relate to Becky Redett, owner and founder of The Sassy Cyclist, and her decision to rethink and remake the classic jersey for women.

She and her biking friends, who casually call themselves the SassySisters, love to ride together in the mornings to catch the sunrise while catching up with each other — having a blast and burning a few calories at the same time. But those jerseys! Collectively they thought the cycling jerseys they received at competitions fit like “sausage casings,” binding in all the wrong places, with a tactile sensation not unlike wrapping wallpaper around one’s torso. Plus, the tops were mad-crazy with garish logos and in bad colors, to boot. So Becky mapped out a course to designing a better jersey.

The result? A podium-worthy winner. Comfy, colorful, sophisticated jerseys ($95 and up) in wickable polyester/spandex with a super-soft brushed inside that make intense workouts no sweat. The gorgeous florals and fun geometrics ensure you feel chic before, during and after pedaling. Becky proudly manufactures domestically, too, right in her hometown of Baltimore, where the SassySisters ride.

Safety- and convenience-oriented details include retro-reflective illuminating trim that highlights you in headlights, and two large, deep back pockets to hold a water bottle and a rolled-up jacket as you warm up during your ride. Women beautifying biking and its business opportunities? We say, ride on!

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Wild Goose Chase Bike Ride & Jersey Design

Rebecca Redett

Edit: Jersey pre-order instructions and more information are now available on our WGC 2018 page.

Born and raised in Baltimore, I've bicycled, hiked, kayaked, and driven through Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland, with friends and family. The Wild Goose Chase was one of the first organized rides I did with my cycling pals, the Sassy Sisters, and later it was one of my first vending events as the owner and founder of SassyCyclist. So naturally, I'm thrilled to create the ride jersey, my first made for a particular event. 

The Wild Goose Chase Bicycle Ride is an all-women's ride in Dorchester County, an area rich in history and natural beauty. Started in 2008 by women's bicycling pioneer Georgena Terry, the entire weekend has a great, friendly female vibe. The Goose is organized by Friends of Blackwater with proceeds benefiting important conservation efforts there. This year, the WGC celebrates its 10th Anniversary the weekend of September 8-9th.

My plan was to create a bespoke jersey design with elegant imagery befitting the beautiful flora and fauna of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, and at the same time, making sure that it's fun and lively like the WGC! I chose to use reed grasses in watercolors as the main motif since they’re the predominant plants growing in this brackish tidal marsh. The Refuge is a wetland sanctuary along the Atlantic flyway so an abundance of waterfowl makes the area a seasonal home. Given that, and the ride’s namesake, it was only right to include geese in the design. Gaggles of them on blue sky background form stripes along the sleeves and rear pockets.

Production of the custom jerseys is planned for late spring/ early summer. You can pre-order a jersey in The Shop. If you'd like to notification when it's complete, you can sign up to receive email in the box to the right.

WGC_HalfSheet Screen Shot.png


If you live in the mid-Atlantic area, consider joining ~400 women in Dorchester County for a weekend of riding, outdoor activities, sightseeing, socializing, workshops, and more! Click here for more information regarding the Wild Goose Chase Bicycle Ride 2018Registration is open.


  • Guided nature rides on the Blackwater NWR Wildlife Drive.

  • Workshop: Bike maintenance and knowing your way around your bike.

  • Workshop: Safety and how to prepare for a group ride.

  • Visit vendors at the Governors Hall at Sailwinds Visitor Center in Cambridge.

  • Cash bar reception at Governors Hall. Meet and greet Guest of Honor Georgena Terry.

  • Sunday Sept 9th Ride with four routes from 20 to 65 miles.

  • Post-ride lunch from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Biking, Big Ideas, and Small Business: A Video

Rebecca Redett

To create this video, Brion McCarthy, the stellar Baltimore photographer and his fun videography team got up very early to capture footage of jersey production at the cut and sew factory, the daily workings at SassyCyclist HQ (aka my home office), and bike riding on the beautiful rural roads of Baltimore county. It was cool to see the project go from an idea to a storyboard to filming, which included a steady stream of coffee, hanging out of the back of a vehicle, and watching my dog size up the microphone which looked a lot like a squirrel! I thank them for their work in creating this snappy, short video to show SassyCyclist in its best light!

9 Bike Safety Tips You Can Use

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To enhance the visibility of the cyclist from the rear, we sew a long strip of 3M Scotchlite™ retroreflective fabric on the back of every jersey. When illuminated by headlights, the material brightly reflects light back to the original source to reach the car driver’s eye.

To enhance the visibility of the cyclist from the rear, we sew a long strip of 3M Scotchlite™ retroreflective fabric on the back of every jersey. When illuminated by headlights, the material brightly reflects light back to the original source to reach the car driver’s eye.

9 bike safety tips from Sassycyclist to help keep you safe. Start with a reflective stripe down the back of your jersey for high visibility in low light.

9 Bike Safety Tips

  • Invest in good lights for your bike and gear. Put a headlight on the handlebars, a flickering taillight on the seat stem, and a light on your helmet too. Use the flashing mode on the headlight during daytime hours.

  • Wear bright clothing with reflective features.

  • Add reflective stickers to your bike and gear, particularly on parts that move, such as shoes, pedals and wheels. 

  • Ride in the early morning hours when fewer cars are on the road. It's worth losing a little sleep to get a head start. 

  • One of the best bike safety tips is to choose lightly-traveled roads.

  • Ride in a decent size group. Safety in numbers.

  • Avoid riding two (or three!) abreast. Talk at a rest stop or over coffee or beers afterwards.

  • Participate in an organized ride. They're a great opportunity to meet fellow cyclists and bike along routes usually chosen for the scenery and slower pace.

  • Consider mountain biking or trail riding for a different off road experience. It's fun!

Women wearing cycling jerseys with reflective stripe on back